It is addictive

The main problem with the Ferry Blankie project, as far as I can see, is that it is very difficult to put down. I shall never be able to pick it up daily and knit one square. Not just one square. Not with all those beautful yarns clamouring to be matched up and used.

I tried to knit one square yesterday, and just look what happened!

1st April: 17 plus 1 (and 6)

There are now 17 small squares joined in, and a 4x larger square that I added last night. Six foundation squares are waiting to be joined in.

The blanket is taking a turn of direction that I had not been planning – but that’s OK. Organic growth is fine by me, and I so enjoy rooting for the right colour for each square.

It is the donated yarns that  make this so much fun – everybody enjoys a different palette and it stretches me to use a shade that I would never “go” for myself. All will find a home.

The challenge at the moment is to find a way of storing the blanket stash in such a way that I can attribute all donors by square. I already feel that I am losing track of who sent me what and keeping each donor collection together in one envelope is not going to work. I take a selection of yarn sout for matching, making a mental note of who they came from – bt by the time I return the yarns to the stash I am pretty well mixed up about it all!

My instinct is to collate the yarns by colour and lay out one enormous palette to select from.

I could have photographed each parcel as it came in, like so

From Steph - thank you.

Doing so might provide a key to work from but in all honesty I can’t see that working very well, can you? Imagine the hours that might be spent squinting at a photo and asking oneself “is this the right shade of pink, or did it come from another source…”

Perhaps I should just do my best to remember where I can, and not to worry if I cannot. So long as I acknowledge receipt initially and give overall credit to my donors, I cannot see them being concerned about having every last square identified. It was a nice idea but it just isn’t going to happen. I’m already muddled and I only have a fraction of the blankie made!

It may be but a fraction but I can already confirm that there are donated squares in there – from Steph and from Jenny and also from Jaana, in Lapland. I’ve mapped them…

1st April Map

All this is keeping me from the projects that I am supposed to be knitting on – pattern designing, the two Knitty socks, my 10 Shawls, my UFO-busting. I need to put the blankie away but I think I’ll add just one more square first!

We are on holiday from now – Mr L has leave for the remainder of the holiday week next week. Floorboards will be coming up and walls will be washed ready to paint. We also have to do our two-monthly big shopping expedition. There will not be much time for knitting or spinning or any of my other indulgences. I might not even get to Spinning on Wednesday, but I must do my best to get to Craft Club on Monday evening.

See you on the other side – by which time I should have some new tools and materials to talk about and maybe some bits and pieces of new-around-here crafts to show off.