Tag: ferry blankie

April 2, 2010 / Living

This blanket makes me smile so much – I love the parcels and the kindness of strangers, and I love the knitting process and selecting the yarns from the stash. I was considering renaming the Ferry Blankie as the Community Blanket as it seems at times that the entire kntting community is getting behind the project! I have given that some more thought and have arrived at a different naming strategy…

April 1, 2010 / Living

The main problem with the Ferry Blankie project, as far as I can see, is that it is very difficult to put down. I shall never be able to pick it up daily and knit one square. Not just one square. Not with all those beautful yarns clamouring to be matched up and used.

I tried to knit one square yesterday, and just look what happened!