Error Code 145

Well, the Fountain Hat is nearing completion. I am well up the crown shaping. However…

… errors exist in this hat. Don’t ask me where. Don’t ask me if they are inevident, or if the whole thing is a dog’s breakfast – because I really cannot tell at this stage. All I know is that the stitch count was out. I tinked it back and got the count right, but then found that my pattern was shifted over by the end of the row.

The bottom section of the lace is fine – I know that, because I tinked it many times and was absolutely straightlaced about it all. I was going for perfection. It’s not so difficult on the bottom part of the pattern – it’s a large and clear motif. It’s the top part of the lace that I have screwed up on. By the time that it happened, I was really past caring. I couldn’t see how the pattern should lie or where it was wrong.

So, I told myself that it was random eyelets and nobody would notice a departure from the original plan. And I just kept on going.

Really, until it is blocked, it’s a mystery as to just how awful the mistake/s is/are.

Frankly? I don’t care. Not at the moment. Not really. It’s just a hat for keeping my hair in place in the teeth of the wind.

Just ask me again after it’s blocked and the awful truth is revealed 🙂

I’m glad SpinningGill isn’t here at my shoulder to act as my knitting conscience.

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  1. SpinningGill
    March 23, 2008

    I wouldn’t dare, having been presented with the gorgeous Spring cap (not the weather to wear it at the moment. I went out wrapped up in the cat’s paw scarf this afternoon!)

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