A White Easter

Mildly surprised this morning to wake to a light covering of snow. Insufficient to hide the grass completely, but more snow than we have seen since we moved to Orkney.

I woke from a dream of somebody close, and felt their distance terribly when I had to let them go on waking. It was so real… Dreams such as that disturb me and unsettle me for days. I feel in need of comfort now – the reassuring hug that I crave will not come my way, it is hundreds of miles way – and eight or nine years gone. It didn’t feel that way in my sleep. Chocolate generally fits the bill 🙂

twosticksgoodthb Watched downloads of Torchwood and Ashes to Ashes last night on the lappie in bed. I seized the opportunity to cast on The Dreaming Peacocks on two sticks. It’s going magnificently, and I am already back to the point at which I ripped it. A seam in my hat I can live with. The constant trauma of tinking knitting that caught continuously on the “step” of a circular needle, I could not. My tension is far better and I am altogether happier with my Fountain Hat project now.

Nell is still very much out of sorts and moody. I expect that we will spend this slightly snowy day by the fire. I hope to finish my hat in peace. Mr L is in charge of a non-curry dinner today and we shall be having my favourite recipe from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest book – the influenced vegetable stew. Great comfort food on a dismal day,  and a chance to get all sloppy and romantic together, as we recall one August weekend from a few years ago… around eight or nine, I do believe… I lose count, but I know that it only feels like yesterday.

(Yes, a strange juxtaposition of statements in this post… but life is like that – very complicated and strange.)

Once the fountain Hat is off the needles, I hope to set my needles aside for a  few days and go work with paper and glue in my workroom. I have some upcoming swaps to attend to and they involve making and decorating envelopes, among other things. I love to make envies!

I hope to be less strange and complicated by my next post. Normal service should be resumed shortly.  Perhaps I am catching Nell’s moods.