More blocking

My Dreaming Peacocks Fountain Hat is washed and blocking. I also seized the opportunity to wash the two mohair scarves: The Furry Snake and Aurora – so that’s me all caught up on washing and blocking, though a few ends remain to be sewn in and I still have to sew and felt my Kenaz bag/pouch project. It would be good to get all that done today. I certainly need a rest from knitting and spinning, as my hands and shoulder are very sore indeed. But I’d like to spend some time playing with paper, really – and dinner will consume a lot of creative time today. I also want to get out with the dogs. There’s a fair chance of a beach walk in a snowstorm today.

De-stashing and project-busting

I wound a skein of Violet Green’s Socrates Merino into a ball last night. Then I did the decent thing and set it aside, picking up Mr plumbum’s socks to begin work on again. I got as far as sticking a needle in the first pick up stitch before resigning myself to the lack of light and watching more Torchwood instead.  However, it is fair to say that I am committed to carrying on with these socks now.

But I also want to knit up the Red Hot Sox before the end of this month… (oh, yeah?)