I finally gave in and made the trip to Kirkwall yesterday. I did not want to go and I did not enjoy being there – it was  far too hot to be rushing around shopping, but I do feel better now that my fridge’s salad drawers are full to overflowing. We shall eat better this week. Notable purchases included the usual shed-load of cheese but also some fancy sausages that I look forward very much to trying in a casserole soon. I bought fish supplies for Teddy – he’s looking too thin and I want to build him up –  so he has Salmon, Mackerel and Cod’s Roe to supplement his diet this week. I also made a purchase that has been planned for months but everything has conspired against my being able to do so before now. Later on today I need to make up a surprise package for a friend and I shall say no more about that now…

I took my ferry knitting with me but did very little knitting as I had the company of a friend to chat with. It’s nearing the final section now and I shall be happy to see the back of it and move on to something more challenging.

It's coming along
It’s coming along

I may not have enjoyed it but the scorching sun and clear blue sky were just what was ordered, I am sure, for the wedding that was happening at the Cathedral. I did a little kilt-spotting but alas, failed to obtain the necessary photographic evidence of Fine Scots Manhood. I was told that there was a striking horse-drawn bridal carriage, though did not see it myself – nor did I spot the Bride.

Tesco was hell – full of visitors ambling about and not knowing what to do with themselves. I was worn out due to the heat before I even got as far as the supermarket so the trudge to the boat with a trolley, a rucksack and three shopping bags was something to be endured.

Barely revived by the shower that I had when I arrived home, we sat down to eat one of Tesco’s “Finest” £10 supper deals. We added an extra course of one of the cheeses that I had bought at Kirkness & Gorie. Evening eating does not suit me so despite being plum tuckered out, I did not sleep well at all. Today I feel drained and unlike making any effort at all.


Also drained is the old kitchen range. The larger adjustable spanner arrived in time this week for Mr L to spend his morning draining the water down and disconnecting the water from the range. The system will be closed to allow us to use the central heating boiler in the garage. That is, once we can stop the joints from leaking. Not that we need any heating at the moment, it’s too damn hot! I’d been hoping for a nice cooling haar today as we often have one following a hot day. So far, no luck but if I do see one rolling in I may go out and play with my camera for a while.

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