Long time readers will recall that I treated myself to a set of Lantern Moon’s 5" Sox Stix (in Rosewood) a while back. I felt very sinful – they were £14.95 plus p&p but as I was going to be knitting pure cashmere laceweight on 2mm needles, I needed something both smooth and strong. Short was a real bonus for me – I love 5" needles because they tuck tidily into my hands when I am knitting.

I began a set of Alpaca Warmers from the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book.  The needles were wonderful to work with and I petted them frequently. The project just flew along – until I put it to sleep for a while. Yesterday I woke the project up. I took it out of its box (I protect my projects in stout Really Useful Boxes) and held my mitt in my hands, ready to knit, while I consulted the pattern to refresh my memory.

I heard something.

A tiny something.

A tiny but unmistakable something.

I heard…

a snap!

I looked down and there, in my left hand, dangled two severed ends of my very expensive and much-loved DPN (not to mention a few stray stitches.)

But how? Believe me, at this price one does nothing other than to take extremely good care of one’s needles! The project has been housed in a very strong plastic box. I wasn’t even knitting when the needle broke. It was under no strain at all… (well, some I guess, because of the triangular arrangement, it must have been crossing at least one other needle.) The needles haven’t been subject to much use – so far they have knitted most of one single fingerless mitt. No more than that. I have a good tension, I don’t knit tightly…

.. for heaven’s sake – these are made of hardwood!


It’s the knitting goddess, she’s striking back at me for being smug about clearing seven WIPs already this month. Isn’t she?

I hate the knitting goddess.

I really do.

The knitting goddess is a bitch.


  1. jenny
    January 26, 2009

    that’s a disaster, do hope you can return them

    • January 27, 2009

      The problem is that I have actually had them ages, because the project has been snoozing, although they have had very little use. I have written and asked if I can buy a single to make up the set. No reply yet, though

  2. January 27, 2009

    Oh, no, what an awful thing to happen!

    I hope they let you buy a replacement. But really, snapping when you’re not even knitting with them??

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