December Reflections 8: Fave Photo of 2020

Well, I am always saying that I don’t do Favourites. I don’t see how it is possible. Moods change from day to day and what is my favourite today, most likely won’t be tomorrow. But there is a prompt to be answered!

I have well over 2,500 images from this year in Lightroom. There are many more on my mobile devices.

I chose to trawl LR. There were surprisingly few contenders, but of those I have found it difficult to nominate only one.

There are a couple of lovely shots of Dusty and two “classic” shots that I think many photographers strive to get right (lone trees and sunflowers), there are memories of days away and even an example of one of those shots where you have no idea of what you captured until idly sorting through images months later (sun’s rays mirroring a door grille in Morella). As I expected, the Rosemary tucked into window bars made the cut.

However, I am surprising myself by picking this one:

Lone Chair

Spotted in a small graveyard at Mondement, close by the Monument to the Battle of the Marne. A couple of dozen images reside on my camera card from a ten minute graveyard safari. This one is my favourite of them.

It’s a very “me” shot. I have a thing for what we camera buffs like to call “Beautiful Decay” :-p

I love the stone wall background, the aqua colour of the wooden slats, the worn paint and rust, the curve of the stretchers, and the counterpoint of the dandelion.

it’s also a memory. A reminder of the time that we were pootling along in the countryside, travelling between overnight stops, and we saw this… thing looming over us in the distance. A quite remarkable, and frankly remarkably ugly, monument. We had to stop to find out what it was and when I saw that there was a small chapel and graveyard, I naturally had to explore that too.

I have my own images of the monument but they still await stitching together. It was far too big to capture properly in a single frame. It’s monstrously large!

The sunflowers made it to the top of the page because I was so very pleased to finally take a shot of a field of sunflowers but I think I might get a better one someday so it did not receive the ultimate accolade of Shot of the Year. The chair was a one-time thing, not to be seen again (probably).

Can I now feature the lone tree? I also have a thing for lone trees…

Lone Tree in Portugal

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