December Reflections 9: Silver

I think that I have always preferred Silver over Gold. Certainly Silver is less showy and more understated and yet… it tarnishes, unlike Gold.

I was fair-haired as a child. Not as determinedly blonde as my twin sister, but fair enough. Unfortunately my hair darkened when I reached my teens, When I hit my early Thirties my hair began to go grey at the temples. A colleague pointed out my “wings” one day and said that I would be needing to cover that up. My response was to say that I loved my silver and that people pay small fortunes to obtain highlights in their hair and that I was keeping it.

It wasn’t very many years before I went completely grey. True to my word, I have never dyed my hair in order to disguise that grey. I am grateful to be a Silver, I would not have enjoyed being an Iron Grey or completely snowy White.

But Silver tarnishes!

Our water supply here has something in it that turns my hair yellow. I look more like a blonde some days now than ever I did when I was very small. I hate it that it looks as though I am dying it to look less grey and I do enjoy it when we travel and I wash my hair in other waters and my silver returns to sparkle in the sun.

None of this means that I have never dyed my hair. One day I asked Mr L if he had ever wished that he might wake up next to a redhead. Of course, he said “yes.” So we bought some dye and turned me RED. A very unfortunate bright auburn red that did not suit me at all but it was a fun exercise and not regretted. More recently Mr L dyed my hair purple. I have long envied the girls with vibrantly coloured hair and was particularly envious of the pinks and the purples. I LOVED it and look forward to another brush with the dye pot, though the irony has not escaped me that when I was young I swore that I would never be one of the “Blue Rinse Brigade.”

Oh, yes. Let’s do that again! But long before my next birthday, please.

The dye job was for my birthday dinner as a form of compensation for the fact that the jewellery that was to be my present had not been delivered.

I am wearing that jewellery today. It’s silver. Also one of my new sari skirts. Very neat circular blogging there, I’d say. This skirt is the one that I thought that I would least like but I have to say that I feel very much at home in it.

Not very good at these selfies…

Closeup of my silver Ginkgo Leaf jewellery

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