A merino roving from The Yarn Yard – my last in my stash, not counting a pencil roving from the same source. I’m considering knitting the pencil roving into a tea cosy if I can track the pattern down. I’ve not had much success thus far.

Also spinning: carded Shetland natural fleece, in a variety of shades.


Not much. I seem to be taking time out. I finished the Fafner centre panel and knitted the dragon’s head, but that’s all.


Brideshead-fest. All 11 episodes. It was wonderful immersive stuff. So slow and gentle and different from today’s viewing. Loved every moment of it and was surprised how little I actually remembered from 27 years ago.

In looking something up about Brideshead, we found that a big screen version is in production. Interestingly, they are also using Castle Howard for the Brideshead location. Rather odd casting, but Emma Thomson as Lady Marchmain should be good value for money. Interestingly, the previously casted Director had Jude Law recruited for Sebastian -now that is an example of perfect casting, I reckon. That director was to have used Chatsworth for Brideshead. I am uncertain – is CH so embedded in the British psyche that no other location would do?

I can’t imagine fitting the whole thing into the length of one feature film made for today’s short attention span viewers. Can you?


Fundamentally, no. Just eating junk.

Overall, I seem to be having some down time – and rather enjoying it. Which means that when Mr L tries to get me to talk about planning our trip down Sooth, I just don’t want to engage with it at all. I really do not like to think about leaving my island,not even for just a few days. I know that he finds this frustrating.