My long 2mm DPNs arrived today and I transferred the doyley onto them and then managed a couple of rounds of knitting. 44 rows completed and 13.22% done.

Can you tell what it is yet?



The long needles are very unwieldy. They will take some getting used to.

Also in today’s post:  a large ball of size 30 white crochet cotton and 250g of merino/cashmere/silk from Colourmart. The yarn is beautifully warm and soft. It’s 2/28 NM again. Destined for a wonderful shawl I do believe, it is a very pale brownish shade, called Fossil. I can’t really liken it to anything, so shall have to refer to it as an extremely pale stone shade, or like a very weak and extremely milky coffee.

E came round to spin last night and I fitted in about 3 hours. Almost half done now on the blue roving.


Mingus is the poor relation this week, with the socks showing no progress at all, though the Thorfinn socks got an airing last night when I was in need of some simple knitting. (My Mingus project at Ravelry)


Fafner has made no further progress