Crucial repairs have been effected and I am now back up and running with full capability[1]. Hoorah for Mr L!


Just passing through with a note to this effect, as I must now knuckle down to a huge pile of work that has been waiting for my attention. I’d like to say that my down time has been occupied by knitting, but it hasn’t. Instead I have been puzzling with Mr L.

yarnyard1 While I am here, may I point you in the direction of The Yarn Yard? Natalie has been busy building a new shop and organising a new approach to her stock. It all looks wonderful, especially the Merino/Tencel braids (I want this one) and the Bonny sock yarn in the new “adventure” dyed style (love that green!) Please, go and take a preview peek – the shop will be open for purchases next week and Natalie is seeking feedback via her blog in the meantime.

I am also after Natalie’s new Ashford spinning tools – the mini niddy noddy for 24″ skeins, and the WPI gauge. I am less certain about the emollient product

I just wish that I had some money!


[1] Well, the pooter is – me, I am not so sure. Bloddy migraine again.