Cheap Thrills

It’s not Friday, is it? Sigh. Anyway, while I was “lining up” tomorrow’s FO post, thinking that today was Friday, I found us another Thursday Thrill…

A new-to-me retailer, Hejhog-uk – as yet untested, but I feel my resolve weakening as I type…


  • Manos del Uruguay  Silk Blend £14.99 £9.75
  • Noro Silk Garden £8.95 £6.90
  • Artesano Hummingbird £5.60 £3.94
  • and Auraucania Ranco Multi on clearance at £7.95 £4.77

Free UK postage for orders over £24 , otherwise £2.95.


  1. Caroline
    January 6, 2011

    I can see the attraction, in these hard economic times, of cut-price ‘luxury’ yarns. However, it may be worth considering British produced fibres, which could be better in he carbon footprint department, make a tiny contribution to help strengthen the UK economy, and still provide you with some of the world’s best yarn. ‘Fairtrade’ starts at home? Please may I urge your readers to think local.

  2. January 6, 2011

    An interesting site, but a bit confusing, seems to be an odd assortment of things…
    Also some of the yarn isn’t that discounted so worth being wary about just filling one’s basket willy nilly! Has been added to my bookmarks though.

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