Mr L cooked our second Gousto meal last night. It was a curry – Paneer Jalfrezi and rice.

Mr L prepping dinner
Mr L prepping dinner

Once again, simple and with straightforward instructions.


Fried Paneer cubes
Fried Paneer cubes

There was an ample supply of cheese

Paneer Jalfrezi
Paneer Jalfrezi

Two tomatoes, one pepper and an onion combined with a rich tomato paste, garlic and ginger, chilli flakes and curry powder made for a rich and tasty curry sauce. The rice was a bit iffy however. The instructions lacked salt and the measured amount of water was too much – we ended up with mushy over-cooked rice. I did like that they included Kalonji seed, which I love in my rice.

Overall we enjoyed our meal though next time we would cook the rice to our own specifications.

Heavy rain last night kept me awake for some time but at least it brought warmer temperatures with it for a while. Later on I was woken by the silence when the rain ceased. I suppose that was the point at which the snow began.

This morning we woke to a thin covering of soft slushy stuff. Being practically at sea level and very close to the coast, we largely got away with it. Later on we walked up to the viewpoint to admire some snow-topped scenery. The snow here had disappeared but we did not have to travel many metres into the forest before snow was evident again.

The deer had been down from the hill for shelter overnight and their “movements” were evidenced all the way along the forest track and right down to the main road. There must have been a substantially sized herd.

At the viewpoint we were greeted mainly by low cloud. Even the top of Screel could not be seen. Disappointed, we walked home again and were lucky enough to glimpse a couple of deer through the trees.

Mr L has a new coffee machine. Long term readers may know that at home we have a bean-to-cup machine and we enjoy a good coffee. Instant has always been anathema, though recently we found an acceptable brew and this is what we have been drinking since we left home. It is pleasant enough but falls short of really hitting the spot. In the past few days Mr L has been hankering for  a decent cup of coffee. The footprint of a bean-to-cup machine just does not fit the tiny kitchen space in a mobile home, nor does a smaller machine and attendant grinder. So today he acquired a Nespresso machine and a supply of pods.

Rather than go to Dumfries as planned yesterday afternoon, Mr L ordered a machine online last night and it arrived with us just after lunch today (try that one on Orkney!) I’m not sure that I fully understand the deal but the Krups machine costs just £1 if we subscribe to a “club” for our consumables for 12 months.  Coffee being his “thing” (I enjoy it but I can live without) I left him to it and hey presto this afternoon we were sampling a number of different brews.

Sleep will not come readily tonight. I am fully caffeinated.


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