The weather has warmed a little but it feels colder in here today as there is no sun. We are having an easy day today and have no plans to do much at all.

Yesterday’s Gousto box has me in a quandary. First impressions are that the delivery and packaging are great and the quality of the contents is fine. Alas, I failed to do any unpacking shots. I was very impressed by the way that the chilled items were packed, with 4 sturdy ice blocks inside a special bag that was insulated with wool felt. The ice had scarcely begun to thaw and everything was in great condition.

The trial box contains three meals for two persons and costs just £9.99 so value is scarcely an issue. Recipe card with step by step instructions and clear photographs are provided and everything needed for the meal is included (apart from some very basic store-cupboard items such as cooking oil). Last night we opted for the Super Chicken Noodles.

The chicken thigh fillets were supplied in ample quality for us. We are not great meat eaters and would have been satisfied with less, though others more carnivorous than us might well disagree there.

Frying the spicy meat
Frying the spicy meat

Flavourings included thyme, spring onion, ginger, soy, honey and cayenne.

Three wheat noodle nests were included and a sturdy meal ensued. I would have been happy with fewer noodles also but I think Mr L’s half was about spot on for him.

Plenty to eat and very tasty
Plenty to eat and very tasty

It was good to have fresh herbs to cook with; the 5g of Thyme provided was plenty to give the dish a really vibrant flavour. On the minus side, the only other component giving freshness of the dish was 4 Spring Onions. Although extremely tasty and rather enjoyable, I felt that the dish really needed more vegetables – 5 grams of Thyme and 4 Spring onions between two persons isn’t doing much for the 5-a-day recommended diet, is it? If I cooked this again I believe it would benefit from adding a head of Broccoli or a few mushrooms or  a green pepper.

At Gousto’s normal prices I would have found the omission of a good vegetable portion as mean and niggardly. At £3.33 for two, I’m not going to grumble too hard. However, it makes me doubt whether we shall take this project forward. We will of course try all three meals, and maybe a delivery from Hello Fresh before we conclude our thinking.

Drafting a Tesco order yesterday put things very much into perspective. A delivery will cost us £1 and when we can buy a £10 “Finest” supper (or two!) including wine… On the other hand, Gousto deliveries offer other benefits and it’s not just a simple cost equation.

Mr L is plotting a trip to Dumfries tomorrow to spend some of his retirement gift vouchers. It requires military precision – the bus services here are not of the best. He’s feeling the lack of  a coffee machine and hopes to find a small pod machine that will work on the van’s electricity supply. I believe it is too much of a bus trip for Nell so will stay home with her, go walkies and then play with Stalin. Maybe I’ll cook soup. Leek and Potato, I think.

I’m doing my best not to think too hard about what might be happening across the pond. Let’s hope for the least bad outcome, shall we? If in doubt, eat chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better.

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