Thrumming again

We found a solution to the recent spell of cold weather. Mr L took off for Dumfries on Thursday, clutching a wad of vouchers and came home later in the day with a nice new electric blanket. Me, I’m working on a different solution. Remember the thrummed socks that I made for Mr L?

I think that I should have some too, so I messaged Gill to ask if she had any more of the Hebridean yarn free for sale and could she also send me some roving for the thrums. This she duly did and the parcel has now arrived. I opened it earlier today with the idea of casting on. I forgot that the yarn is in skeins. I have no ball winder with me so must wait for a free pair of hands to help me wind the yarn. I am filling in my time by making thrums. Lovely purple thrums.

The electric blanket is far too good. It is actually a cotton mattress cover that functions as an under blanket. It takes only 5 minutes to warm up and can be left on all night. We found ourselves sitting here, counting the minutes until it would be “late enough” to go and leap into bed!

We even watched a DVD in bed, two nights running. Now, that may not sound notable but bear in mind that we left home on the 14th September and in all the time since, had watched just one film (not counting my OU DVDs). That was Mamma Mia, picked up in a Pitlochry charity shop for 99p. Since arriving on site here we have had no televisual entertainment at all until the past couple of days. One of Mr L’s voucher purchases on Thursday was Florence Foster Jenkins, a film that I have been wishing to see for a while and which I had mentioned to Mr L as being possibly applicable to this week’s study of “The Diva.” We hopped into our beautifully warm bed and watched it that very night. Another Pitlochry 99p bargain came out on Friday, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

So, you might wonder how we pass our time, given that I have been neither knitting nor reading. Games have gone untouched too, though we have done a couple of Guardian crosswords. Well, when the day is done and Nell’s little legs can walk no further (hah!) we retire to bed with an audio book. So far on this trip we have listened to the first two volumes of Michael Palin’s diaries. We are currently on the second part of the third volume. Palin is perfect as a bedtime book-reader and sleep comes readily after half an hour of his gentle tones. We plan to listen to Alan Bennett when done with Palin.

Tomorrow is TESCO DAY! I have been organising cupboards so that the shopping can be put away easily when it arrives. We are looking forward to ten or more shopping-free days, in which we may please ourselves entirely. The actual period is reliant on how much life the filtered milk has when it arrives.


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