Boredom threshold achieved

Sometimes I marvel at my immaturity. Can I really be bored with this project already? Perhaps it is just because I am over tired but, whatever it is, I want this scarf finished now and to move on to something else. It seems to be moving really slowly all of a sudden. 11.5 pattern repeats done and somewhere between 65% and 70% complete. I think I’d like to have a final push and see this off today.

What’s next? First things first – I need to complete the Cash and Burn socks, which have stalled since the discovery of a dropped stitch… three and a half inches ago. I need to rescue that stitch and then polish the toe off before I allow myself another cast on. That will take discipline, with all this cashmere sitting looking at me.

And that last sentence tells me that I shall be moving on to another cashmere project, which probably means some kind of scarf or wrap again – as there is insufficient of any one colour for anything larger than that. I’d quite like to pick up a pair of fancy socks, though. Have I time to complete a pair in time for the Show?

How large a wrap can I make from 100 grams of cashmere? That’s about 1,400 yards if I use it single – though I think I’d opt for doubling it.