Blue sky

When I was trundling down the drive with my bin bags this morning it occurred to me that today would have been a good day for exposing my cyanotypes. Blue sky, sun, minimal wind. I was busy beating myself up about not having prepared the fabric – due to not having a clue as to how I can dry my fabric in darkness.

Anyway, as it happens – the clouds are already gathering. The chances of clear skies around midday would seem to be minimal. In fact, I am already doubting the wisdom of putting my washing out on the line.

It’s the Equinox today. (Yes, I know many people think it always happens on the 21st, but it doesn’t.) The sun, when we see it, will be sinking ever lower in the sky, making it less suitable for my exposures as time goes on. I have an inkling that I may have to wait until next summer to play this particular game.

Craft Club tonight. Quilting. I’ve packed my needles. Oh, my… scary stuff indeed. I shall be all nerves and thumbs.

Actually, I packed a crate full of stuff. I am still short of a couple of items, which I might try to find at the shop today (dressmaking pins and a thimble) and those quilting needles are still not here – let’s hope that postie brings them today.