I resisted the temptation to cast on for Blink without washing my skeins – and they are currently drying on the line. Much more colour washed out of these skeins than I had anticipated. I can’t help but wonder if the colour will be significantly changed. I have run out of Eucalan and couldn’t find more on eBay, so I washed these skeins in shampoo. I wonder if that was a factor? I have used it before with success – it’s a Lavender and Jasmine (ooh, look at that, Superdrug do online shopping AND deliver to Scottish Islands at no extra charge!) “Herbal Essences” 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. I might pop over and ask Natalie what she recommends.

It’s reheated leftovers today, so I have plenty of free time. I am trying to decide whether to wash and block the Hypotenuse, or to get on my bike and go look for a thimble and pins. At the moment it’s the blocking that’s winning. Though I suppose I could leave it soaking while I go to the shop, and kill both birds. To tell the truth, I am wary of leaving my washing for any length of time, it keeps looking like it might rain again – and I do not want those skeins to get a soaking, even if I’m not too worried about the laundry 🙂