…and there’s more

  • a book – Papermaking and Bookbinding: Coastal Inspirations by Joanne B Kaar who lives over the Pentland Firth from me. This book is both more and less than I had hoped/expected – but very inspirational and extremely useful and I am now fired up to do something other than knitting
  • A circular knitting needle size 2.5mm 100cm – so I can experiment with Magic Loop socks
  • Something wondrous – a serendipitous Internet find – that will be kept under wraps until I can illustrate with photographs

Having cast on the new Morning Surf and wobbled significantly about the colours, I can reveal that viewing it in daylight this morning has calmed me down considerably. Thus far, it is looking very good indeed but I am only 3 repeats in yet. It seems to be going far more slowly than the cashmere one did, though this probably has more to do with the extra width than any inherent characteristic of the yarn. 96 stitches is significantly more than 76 stitches. Why did I not realise that? This is not going to be a 2 day knit, so I’ll see if the shop has some 4mm needles when I go down later on for some milk.

If I go missing from the blog for a while you may find me in the utility room doing things with water and paper pulp and dyes – in which case I may well be updating the other blog with my adventures.

One other thing: I began spinning the Wranglers and Rustlers roving yesterday. It’s gorgeous, really light and airy and requires no pre-drafting at all. I’m just throwing it at the wheel in the hope of making a lightly twisted irregular single. I’m not deliberately slubbing but I’m not trying to keep it particularly even either. In my head I am reproducing something like the Manos del Uruguay that I knitted My So Called Scarf from – so I can knit another one, for Mr L. I really don’t think I have the right skills, though!  I may have to distress the singles a bit to get them to felt a little. Thus far I have way too much twist in it and I can’t figure out how to get less.

Still no sign of the quilting needles needed for Monday.