Blowin’ in the wind

Productivity knows no apparent bounds today.

A tasty pie was fashioned for lunch while the bread rose; smoked cod, boiled egg, cheese sauce –  all under a puff pastry lid, with new potatoes and broccoli on the side. Delicious. The Dyson was wielded in the interim and when that was done I sat and knitted on my Argent curl until lunch was ready to serve.

The curl is growing rapidly. I knitted on it for too long yesterday and made my hands hurt. I decided the best thing to do was to set it aside and to take it to town with me later in the week and finish it on the ferry. Somehow I could not leave it alone. I am really enjoying knitting this project – it’s simple and fast and looks quite lovely in the handspun. I have a slight feeling that I should have gone up a needle size and I worry that it is going to be a weeny thing but apart from that, I’m happy. I have knitted around half of the second skein and one more session should get me to the casting off. I should be blocking it at the weekend, I think.

This afternoon I washed and dried my skeins

Blowin' in the wind
Blowin’ in the wind

and then completed spinning the first half of the purple BFL roving, with J for company.

What I have not yet done is to take these adorable vintage Mother of Pearl buttons that arrived in yesterday’s post

Grey MoP, 1940s vintage buttons
Grey MoP, 1940s vintage buttons


and attach them to this


this mainly because I have not been able to find my grey thread. It is out there in the van… somewhere.

To do:

  • attach buttons
  • wash and block BSJ
  • spin second half of purple roving
  • ply purple yarn
  • wash purple yarn
  • finish Argent
  • wash and block Argent
  • go to town and buy some real food
  • organise the van to make a better space in which to work

I have identified what I want to spin next – the yellow punis/poonis/poonies (choose your preferred spelling, I cannot seem to find a definitive one) that I made on the blending board a lifetime ago.

poonis (1 of 1)

Well, maybe not a lifetime ago but certainly long enough to gather an unhealthy coating of dust! I note this picture take in December 2013. Time I got them spun, don’t you think?

Then I think perhaps it might be time to search out the right Aran pattern for my sweater!


  1. Alison Simmonds
    August 1, 2015

    I am pleased that I have found your blog! I am AMS1 on blipfoto, we have just been conversing about the Curls book and the baby surprise jacket. You are very talented and it is an interesting blog!

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