Blocking wires

I am after some blocking wires. They seem as rare as hen’s teeth, especially in the UK. The one company that I can find that sells them, charge twice the price of those in the USA. Of course, Knitpicks discriminate against non-US or Canadian customers. They won’t sell to us. We aren’t good enough for them. The other US source that I can find also appear only to sell to their own side of the Atlantic.

I did the maths, and IF I could find some company with a more modern attitude to business, then after adding shipping and VAT and Import Duty, the price here isn’t so bad after all.

Sooo… I went to Heirloom Knitting today to order a set. That was when I discovered that their price does not include VAT or postage and it isn’t possible to find out the total price without first giving them all my personal details.

You what?

Bog off.

I don’t deal with companies who keep their postage charges secret or hide VAT (simple enough to calculate but a disgustingly poor business practice not to give the total price.) A shame, as I always fancied buying the book and some patters – but they’ll get no business from me now.

So, I appear to be buggered on this one.

Here’s a business opportunity for anyone in the US who fancies selling blocking kits on eBay to International customers (our money may not be dollars but it’s as good as anybody else’s no matter what Knitpicks think.) I’ll certainly be your first customer. I am sure you would do well and make a handsome profit.

Unless… there is a kind reader out there willing to proxy purchase from Knitpicks for me and to forward the goods if I PayPal them the loot in advance?


    • March 9, 2009

      @Carole Connelly, Thank you, Carole – and welcome to WOOL|gathered

    • September 12, 2009

      I just stumbled by here googling for blocking wires that I could buy or have shipped to the UK, and wanted to say THANK YOU for passing this on–I was about to just grit my teeth and take my chances with Heirloom Knitting. This is much better.

      • pinkdhalia
        September 12, 2009

        i am pleased that you found the information useful, in October copy of “Knitting” magazine, which i bought in Tesco, and is a UK magazine, takes you to an american site this is the address

        HandWorks NW
        P.O. Box 19322
        Portland, OR 97219
        but as they are mentioned in the UK knitting magazine they must export.
        hope this helps also

        best regards

  1. May 11, 2010

    You can also get them at Hulu in Devon. There are two versions: standard and deluxe. The deluxe version simply contains more wires and pins.

  2. pinkdhalia
    May 14, 2010

    41 Cross Street
    London N1 2BB
    020 7288 1160

    is another shop where you can get blocking wires , i bought some from the stand they had at Alexandra Palace back in September, at the Stitch and knit exhibition

  3. S-L
    July 20, 2010

    You can get them at Loop in Islington, too!

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