Off the needles

Sky and Water is off the needles. The last repeat and a half was hard going – my hands just didn’t seem to want to play today. ready to block now. I may do that later this evening, but more likely some time tomorrow.

As a matter of discipline, I did pick up the Cash and Burn sock. I made a total hash of rescuing the dropped stitch – I really need new glasses and to be able to see properly for such a fiddly task. Ah well. I shall live with it. The toe is now in progress and I shall be able to cast on a new project tomorrow.

At the  moment I am leaning towards a smoke ring, in the grey alpaca, but I don’t have the requisite circular needle. Not a good one anyway.

I might weigh off 100 grams of the cashmere and see how large a wrap I can get from it.

Or maybe I’ll start new socks.