This morning’s mission to deliver a blood sample was entirely successful. My appointment was for 10:45, so by the time that we were home again it was to an exceptionally late breakfast. Mr L had mooted a BBQ for this evening as the day was fine and still. I let him go and stock up on charcoal whilst I was feeding the vampire.

The remainder of the day has been dedicated to my wardrobe. I have been running myself around in circles, moving things from one pile (designated Swishing Shed) to another (chuck out) or a different heap (keep) or another (shrink into.) Unable to make up my mind whether some items were of suitable quality for passing on or as to whether or not I could bear to part with something. Always returning to the idea that I cannot take much with me and everything else must go. It’s hard making these decisions and tiring too, stacking up heaps and dismantling them again…

I shall probably spend the remainder of the summer moaning that I have nothing to wear!

News from our buyers suggests that we are aiming for a Completion by the end of September. These things are always mutable though. We shall wait and see. It remains unclear as to whether they will commission a survey or not, so we are not yet poised to order up an EPC.

Feeling better about things now that some points have been clarified and the commitment to the purchase is evident. Overall I must ensure that Mr L does not become stressed. The last thing that we need is for his tum to flare up before we depart for France.

We have been looking at canal boats as an option for the home address option whilst we travel. It is an attractive proposition but clearly such a course of action will not resolve any storage issues. So, back to the wardrobe tomorrow, methinks. Pruning down that “Keep” pile to manageable van proportions.

We have a feral cat in the garden and it reminds me very much of our Teddy. I should like to entice him in if I can and am plotting to leave out some tuna tomorrow. I think Mr L will not approve.

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