As promised

As promised, the dogs have been repaid for yesterday’s patience and we have all been out in the bay. This is how Orkney was looking this morning

P3150015thbNell had much fun.

She ran and she ran and she ran.

Her recall is much improved and we successfully stopped her from chasing birds. The garlic sausage rewards helped a lot, I think. The other two think it’s great that they get treats when Nell is good. “Sausage for old rope”, says Griff.

P3150025thb I even managed to get all three dogs in one frame at one point!

Suzie, as usual, spent her time ripping pieces of kelp apart and running around like a thing demented – protecting “her stick” from all comers.


I just took photographs and admired the sun on the water and the colours and shapes of the the seaweed.

P3150028thb P3150026thb

P3150027thb P3150031thb

I think some of these shots will be recycled in the coming weeks and months as part of my PS3 activities.

And what has this, you ask, to do with fibre? Well, nothing at all – I just wanted to share my little piece of Heaven with an appreciative audience. Normal service will be resumed shortly – but not until I have made a nice stir fry dinner for my beloved, who is currently cleaning the conservatory out so that we can enjoy some Spring sunshine away from the still-biting wind.

Oh, and I am busy dyeing curtains – to a less offensive colour than pink.