Home again. Pooped. Got back around 18:20 hrs, shopping all put away by 19:20 hours – and somehow we managed to squeeze everything in to our various fridges and freezers. It was a tight fit though. We spent a terrifying amount of money today. Not surprising, once we realised that our last big shop was on the sixth December. The pantry really was bare and took some filling. ‘Twas amusing in Lidl, when the young man on the till checked his total because he couldn’t believe how large it was – and I said “we’re not done yet, that’s our trolley too…” He didn’t  a brilliant job, poor lad – he must have been ready for his coffee break when he’d finished with us.

I took the Ribbon Lace Scarf with me and made backwards progress for much of the journey to Kirkwall. Luckily I got a grip on the way home and made lots of forward progress and the scarf is now a nudge off 18″ long.

We left Nell on her own while we were gone – a whopping seven and a half hours. She’s never been left much more than half an hour before. We thought it would tempt fate too much to leave her with Suzie and Griff, so we put her in the conservatory with her bed and cage and toys and a stuffed Kong, and left her to it after taking her out to play with her float for half an hour before we went. She did fine. Not so much as a puddle on the floor. And she is still trying to destuff her Kong!

We will take them all out on the beach tomorrow, to say sorry for leaving them today. Who knows, there may even be photographs. But I still want to make time for some more lace ribbon, it’s quite addictive.

Oh – I bought some dyes and cold fix today, so I can finally dye my Cheviot handspun. Perhaps on Sunday, when Mr L makes his Karachi Curry. I also bought another couple of Really Useful boxes – another sock kit sized one and a larger flat one for projects on longer needles. I’ve put The Antidote in that one, and The Firestarters (such as they are… I mean, a set of needles and a ball of yarn) can go in the new sock  box.

I am creating lunch tomorrow for a change. I Bought bean sprouts, so need to use them up immediately. I’ll make some kind of chicken stir fry – probably with cashews. Yum.