April’s Hit List

April kind of arrived without me noticing and already seems to be galloping away. March offered disappointingly small progress on the knitty front and I need to take stock of my plans for this month asap. We are still on PS4 North: Green/Earth/Stone and that will inform some of the plan.

A very hasty and incomplete review a few minutes ago is suggesting that I complete the Laeticia socks first, for several very good reasons. The second sock is not very well developed yet (first chart done), but I reckon I could knock it off with two good days. Let’s target this Tuesday for a finish on that one…

In no particular order thereafter: Echoes of Eden fingerless gloves, currently at one cuff completed; Those Infernal Mitts (second hand); and Bayret are all demanding attention. Laminaria to be knitted in short sessions alongside. As I am suffering something of a sweater crisis in my wardrobe, I would rather like to cast on a Thermal. Using my 2-for-1 approach, I need to cast off two current WIPs before casting on a new project – hence featuring Bayret and Infernal Mittens in my target list. Quick hits 🙂

Ob: there will be new socks after Laeticia. That means completing another pair as well, so I’ll try to finish Mr L’s socks this week too.

The new socks will be in a Yarn Yard semi-solid and will, I hope, be a Cookie.A pattern, or possibly the Blossom sock from the current Twist Collective issue.

One thing I really must do in the next few days is to sort out my workroom and catalogue my stash properly. It really is getting out of hand and I need to ensure that I use up a large proportion of it before buying any more. Except…

…Mr L loves his bloke sweater, and it has hardly been off his back since I stitched the last seam together, but he finds it a little too warm for the house and has asked for a 4ply sweater for work. All my 4ply is in 100g lots, for socks. Unless he wants a wildly striped sweater (not entirely out of the question, is it?) then I shall have to make a purchase.