Mr L’s next sweater

The Duxbury Point Pullover


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We have agreed on the next sweater. I need to buy the book, Simply Shetland 4: At Tomales Bay
and the next time that I go to Kirkwall I’ll look for some Shetland yarn to knit it with, though I am thinking that if he wears this as hard as he’s wearing the current sweater, I’ll be needing to buy some Superwash yarn.

The photo above is of a particularly nice example. Mr L wants his in a “blue/grey, please.”

I love knitting 4ply Aran patterns. No – actually, I do! don’t mistake me there. I love the intricacy.

UPDATE: Yarn purchased, book on order. Can’t wait to start on this, I really enjoyed knitting having knitted the other sweater – this one will be more fun. I’m getting some coned lambswool and silk for this – similar to the turquoise cone I already have, but more manly in grey. It’s a bit rough and ready, but the day will come for luxurious yarns… *sigh* The price is right, at £12 for a 900g+ cone. A sweater doesn’t have to last all that long at that price, I’m sure.