What to do…

Well, here I am. A whole day with no puzzling to do, nor any editing or proofing. A day to call my own. What shall I do with it?

I think we shall take it easy today and indulge ourselves a little. I had a parcel from Amazon this morning so have knitting and spinning books to browse, though sadly not the one book that I really want to get my hands on – that is delayed for a couple of weeks.

Later on I am making Dim Sum – probably some kind of chicken Pot Stickers and also Salt and Pepper Prawns, and something else that is yet to be determined and based on available ingredients. No Char Siu Bao today, as we didn’t make any Char Siu.

(and that offers an opportunity to slide in my Green of the Day)

Dim Sum recipe book: Green of the Day
Dim Sum recipe book: Green of the Day

It would be good if I could fit in a little spinning…

Which reminds me that spinning is here this week, so tomorrow I shall make cake in readiness. A sticky cake that improves for the keeping, as back-up. Ginger maybe, or Chocolate. On Wednesday I am plotting something special that is a little more attention-demanding than my normal Wednesday baking – but that is very much a wait-and-see proposition.

No puzzles! A chance to rest my head. What bliss. Yes, I think spinning must be in order today – though there’s not that much of the day left to play in. But play we shall – and darts and bar billiards will feature alongside our Dim Sum supper.


  1. April 4, 2009

    Have a great day. I might join in the MUMS thing next year, with Richard – it sounded fun, and we like fiendish puzzles!

    • April 4, 2009

      @Heather Cawte, then you might like to try these:


      The main competition starts at the end of April, for a week – but the first set is already available and each is worth 5 points until the Tuesday of puzzle week comes along. We are currently on 10 points because we are in no hurry to finish this set. We’ll have a few day’s brain rest before we look at them again. We’d rather not finish them too quickly and then have nothing to do until the 27th

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