What a haul

We were up and at ’em early this morning. Mr L addressed the kitchen floor, laying the insulation boards where the range is to go and I tackled the shopping.

I called in at the Recycle Shop to see if they had an electric carving knife – they did! We shall be able to trim the mattress topper to the bed shape now.

Of course, I could not resist browsing for a few photo props. Total haul:

  • Electric knife
  • lidded picnic/shopping basket
  • two small serving baskets
  • a glass display bowl
  • a small specimen vase
  • an oval painted tray
  • a roll of wallpaper
  • and a Gilbert & Sullivan CD

I asked how much, £2 was suggested and I said that was too cheap – I left a fiver.

The lidded basket should be great for staging FO and yarn stash shots, the oval tray may come in handy for still life photos. The wallpaper is for photo backdrops.

I am well pleased with my haul.

After the Recycle Shop, I popped into the Croft to see if I could take some photos. I did, but none of them came out very well.

This afternoon, Mr L began laying the slate floor tiles that will sit beneath the Aga. It did not go very well and the process will require some review before we tackle the whole room.

What else… oh, yes, I am knitting. I fell from the Project Diet wagon and cast on for a small shawl last night. It is a KAL with a free pattern from Knitty.

Timed start for the KAL
Timed start for the KAL

Those colours are not very good – try thinking of Christmas, a tasteful Christmas that is, think Holly Green and Holly Berry Red.

It’s the Lady Lismore shawl and it is shaping up well. I am excited about it and almost cannot wait for winter – it is going to be warm and snuggly and cheerful and just perfect for ferry trips.

I took the timed shot when invited to go for the First to Finish prize. I won’t win it, I am too busy, but I am hoping that I can complete the shawl in time to have an FO shot in my KCBW posts. It’s fun, simple and fast-growing. I hope that it gives me my knitting enthusiasm back.

Progress shots soon.


  1. jennifer
    May 3, 2015

    Hi I would like to see a photo of it so far. Jennifer

    • May 11, 2015

      There is one at Ravelry, Jennifer and I’ll do another as soon as I have a moment and some free space

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