If only shoes were knittable

The remaining two lots of eBay sock yarn arrived this morning.

So, that is what a sock yarn mountain looks like
So, that is what a sock yarn mountain looks like

I gave Mr L first dibs and he chose three balls for his own socks

Oh, very manly
Oh, very manly

I was very taken with the cotton blend yarn – all eight balls were equally beautiful. It is a gorgeous range of shades. I may need to buy another pack, if I can.

Gorgeous "sherbert" shades
Gorgeous “sherbert” shades

Perhaps I should just cast on one of these to find out how it knits up before I commit to another eight balls. It’s a damn fine excuse and I am proud of thinking that one up. I’ll just go find a spare set of needles…

Mr L made a very useful contact today. There is a chap on the island who used to maintain RVs before he came here. Isn’t that good? and that as not all that he made today – I was treated to a fabulous meal of Chicken Makhani, fluffy white rice and a side dish of a dry-fried spicy vegetable mix. It was absolutely delicious.

Food has been much on our mind today. A recent package (shoes) from Amazon had a voucher in it for a box meal scheme. Now, regular readers may recall that I was pondering organic veg and meat boxes as a solution to the “no transport” scenario when we are in D&G this winter. These boxed meals take the thing a step further. Yes, they are relatively expensive but they offer several plus points too:

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]For

  • Set price facilitates budget planning and equalises costs week by week
  • Smaller portions than possibly we are used to may help in the weight loss stakes
  • Delivered for “free”, no bus fares or fuel costs
  • and no long walk to the shops
  • No shopping = more time for fun
  • No shopping = no chance to succumb to impulse buys and sweet treats
  • No shopping = no over-buying leading to out of date supplies and possible waste
  • Portion controlled, so no over-eating
  • Organically sourced, where possible (I think)
  • Minimises waste – everything is used (I have never learned to cook for two! we always have masses left over)
  • Will introduce new cuisines and new dishes
  • Comes with recipe cards, no need to pack cookery books
  • Frees up space in the van larder cupboard as no need to keep supplies in, each recipe comes with everything it needs except for absolute basics like salt, pepper, olive oil.


[su_column size=”1/2″]Against

  • Cost of food will be higher than if buying components ourselves
  • Smaller portions than possibly we are used to, may induce hunger pangs until we are acclimatised
  • Have to choose from a smallish set of available dishes each week
  • Have to eat what we have rather than what we fancy

[/su_column] [/su_row]

Can you think of more points on either side? Please comment. Also – have you tried one of these meal delivery schemes, if so what did you think of it? (If you don’t have a clue… here is an example of a boxed meal delivery)

As for those shoes – they had to be returned. I am very sad about this. Ecco Soft 2.0 are not the same shoe as Ecco Soft. Not by a long chalk. There is an eyelet that presses down right in the centre of my enlarged (and very sensitive) toe joint. Simply unwearable. So, it’s back to my old tatty shoes for now but the soles are all but worn through. I desperately need to find a new shoe that I can wear!

My old Ecco Soft shoes- now on their last legs. Note where the eyelets fall well above the toes
My old Ecco Soft shoes- many years old and now on their last legs. Note where the eyelets fall — well above the toes

I need flats or very low heels as my big toe joint won’t bend to accommodate the heel lift. The style needs to be devoid of seams or fasteners that sit over the big toe joint and the leather itself should ideally be soft. A deepish toe section is good. Low cut courts are not, nor is anything that has a toe section seamed to the rest of the upper. Oh, and narrow fitting – did I mention that I have stupidly narrow (AA) feet? or made on the narrow side or normal with laces to pull ’em in. Definitely none of your designed for comfort EE jobbies. Again, suggestions in Comments would be most welcome. I really need the old lady EE style part, but not the width! Oh, and they cannot be dead flat ballerina-types as the doc says I need a small lift to ease my sore Achilles. The suitable range of heel height, constrained as it is on either side, is quite narrow. This depresses me.

What I really want is red Pixie Boots. If only that were not a frivolous dream. My heart cries out for Red Pixie Boots. Or perhaps Purple ones. Moshulu have something like my dream in their brochure this season. Not perfect, but close.

Not as flat as a proper Pixie.

Mr L offered to buy them for me but they’re not going to be very useful in Dalbeatie Forest, are they?

I quite like the Orkney boot too. I was tickled by its name

Oh, yes... red!
Oh, yes… red! (could be redder)

But, I digress.

Sabots, perhaps?

Oh (deep intake of breath) Look!

Yes, out of stock in my size *sigh*

Anyway, there was something else but I cannot recall what just now. Maybe tomorrow.


I enjoy reading your comments, please pass the time of day