Still (not) Spinning

Spinning did not happen yesterday. I did sit down at my wheel but could not settle due to feeling so guilty about not getting on with the decluttering job. I actually ended up doing nothing useful whatsoever all day, but looked at a lot more RVs.

Further decluttering done today and more stuff is moving out of the door. I have even managed to find an adopter for my rag bag! The bedroom is now looking spacious indeed. My task in there is all but done as I have now reached the contents of my sock drawer. They look wonderful now they are tidied – a whole drawer of hand-knitted socks. I’m ditching all the ordinary ones and just keeping my own woolly ones, plus my Bridgedale hikers, so the drawer is no longer overflowing and I can shut it neatly. Hurrah!

Mr L has been up on the roof, re-fitting the replacement cowl that went up yesterday as he realised he’d made an error. Now he is re-fitting the sitting room stove that he has been refurbishing. He’s been working very hard recently so tonight I am treating him to a cheese fondue. We are going for a Cheddar and Cider version and have lots of goodies for dunking, not just baguettes. Afterwards there will be Bar Billiards, whilst we still have the table we wish to make the most of it.

In Other News: it is possible that our stars may be aligning. I wish to say no more at this point but I can say that my heart is all a-flutter.

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