Our Broadband was still crippled this morning. It does seem to be affecting only a few people on the island but we are surprised all the same that it had not yet been logged. Mr L was back at work this morning and so he called his Help Desk. They ran some line tests and then reported a fault on the PTSN to BT. We have a 48 hr SLA so should be hearing from BT soon. The biggest problem is the weather – ferries today are cancelled. A 48 hr SLA is worth nothing if an engineer cannot reach us.

Sometimes it is good not to be connected to the world outside. I had my spinning out yesterday!

spinning (1 of 1)

I have been spinning a few small rolags that I pulled from the blending board ages ago

On the blending board
On the blending board

As far as I recall they were made from mainly several yellow shades of Merino Top with some gold Lurex and a few dyed Wensleydale locks.

The rolags
The rolags

The rolags were stunning but unfortunately the single that I have spun has not done them justice

stunning (1 of 1)

I may never do anything with this bobbin but I might just try it as a third ply with a suitable yarn, maybe.

Next up is a whole bump of Ashford’s Merino and Silk sliver. I hope to make a sweater of it one day.

Lots of sliver
Lots of sliver

It should just about stretch to the job, especially if I shed a few kilos first.

I love the Orkney Sunset shades in it. I think this project will be named Eynhallow – I have a beautiful sunset shot of Eynhallow Sound, taken at the Broch of Gurness,

bump (3 of 3)

The Ripplerock Shawl is making very slow progress on the edging. it is complex and fiddly and not best suited to the slippery yarn that I am using. I assume that it will soon come under control and then make swifter progress. Let us hope that I am right! I need to return to Mr L’s sweater now that the light levels are improving.

Mr L has one eye cocked on the weather forecast and is muttering about possibly escaping next weekend. That means I shall likely be spending the next two days in packing the van. I did suggest that waiting until later in the year might be an idea – then he pointed out that it is already February!

Mr L’s other eye is lingering over an RV that he knows is for sale. It’s six feet longer than Brunhilde and sports an island bed – this is a tempting feature. It costs twice as much as Brunhilde did, is left hand drive as she is, and like her has very few miles on the clock despite advanced age, but has a larger, meaner (and far thirstier) engine – mitigated by an LPG option. With the French trip in mind, it really is a tempting proposition. Long term though, probably a bit too large for convenience in Orkney and the far North of Scotland. I’m thinking it might not even go through our gate! IT certainly would not turn round outside the house so would need to be reversed out – fortunately it has two reversing cameras… but, you know, feeling like not a great idea, to me at least. Much as I should like the island bed.

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of being able to do somebody a favour, thereby reducing some clutter. That felt good.

Today is wet, windy and not very nice – mitigated only by the Cullen Skink that I made for lunch.  I think I’ll get that sliver started…


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