Another soup day

Having got the bar billiard table in to its new home, attention turned this morning to the darts component of this evening’s entertainment.  The board was found and cleaned, as was the wall cabinet. Darts we’re discovered from hiding places, re-flighted and their tips sharpened. The regulation height having been measured, it was time to put the case up. That was when we found that we had no mounting bracket for the dart board. It is completely lost.

The search continues but it seems unlikely that we will find the offending piece before this evening. No darts match tonight, then.

A pan full of onions
A pan full of onions

As we have planned some serious snacking for this evening, there will be no main meal today. We were up quite early however and will be ravenous if we do not eat, thus I have a pan of French Onion Soup on the go. The onions were really juicy ones and gave off a great deal of liquid and so the caramelisation process is taking forever.

At last - caramelisation!
At last – caramelisation!

Lunch may be late. It will be tasty, though. The Milk Roll, sliced and toasted, will serve in the place of croûtes fashioned from baguette slices. I actually have some Gruyère in stock, so we can be authentic. However… we have no grill, so authenticity will suffer. Perhaps I should have cranked the oven up this morning.

Simmer for an hour
Simmer for an hour

French Onion Soup – perfect fodder on a wet and dismal day such as this.

We completed watching Manhattan last night. Over the course of the two series we have become fascinated by the programme’s depiction of Oppenheimer. In the interests of balance we shall now watch the old BBC series, Oppenheimer. I think I may have seen it in 1980 but have no memory at this stage.

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