Cueing up

Busy day today. Shopping first, when we bought a deal of rubbish and very little that was sensible.  Largely  my baskets were full of beer, nibbles and pickled eggs. Why so, you may ask. Pub Night! comes my answer.

We have unearthed the bar billiard table from beneath two years worth of dust and DIY paraphernalia. The bar billiard table has been reassembled in the front room and the dart board will shortly be replaced in its original position in the odd little room that we call “the middle room” for want of a better label. This is the circulation space between the older and newest parts of the house and is presently home to bookcases, treadmill, exercise bike and… the steam cleaner (but no longer to the bar billiard table.)

Every now and then I bewail the fact that we own such a wonderful thing as the bar billiard table and yet almost never play on it. Lately I have also bemoaning the amount of television that we have been watching – for folks who don’t actually own a TV, at least. It was high time that we tidied up a bit and liberated our toys and stopped being such awful couch potatoes.

Well, t’is done. Tomorrow night we shall have a Pub Night – playing darts and doms and bar billiards and maybe a little crib. There is beer, there are the aforesaid pickled eggs, crisps and other pub fodder. Cheesy chips are not beyond the realm of possibility.

It won’t be the same without Treacle.

Treacle loved to help us play
Treacle loved to help us play

Mr L was wondering if we might train Teddy to join in.

There is one snag. We moved the table and reassembled it before realising that we are still mid-DIY and do not actually have any light source in that end of the big room…  We shall have to see how things go. We may end up watching more Manhattan after all.

Knitting news:

  • Jennifer called in today to show me all her recent knitting and crochet. She really does put me to shame, my productivity level is really low just now. I have however over-knitted the pink Ripplerock! Due entirely to my inability to calculate correctly, I now have too many body stitches. I can’t decide whether to knit on and make a larger version or to fudge it and fiddle the stitch count as I add the border. Either way, I refuse to tink it back to the proper point.

In Other News:

  • I am filled with a great desire to bake a batch of croissants. The trouble is, if I do such a thing, I shall only end up eating the nasty calorific things. Will I cave in and go for it? Watch this space. (There may be a hint in the fact that I bought Strawberry preserve this morning….)
  • Now that my M3 photos are submitted to the camera club, it is time to start choosing my submissions for the Annual competition. I have until March 2nd but the time is sure to fly by and I have far too many images to select from.
  • We were both wishing last night that we had packed the van and gone away this weekend, making the most of the improved weather. Alas, we did not – and next weekend is not looking suitable. I’m feeling ready for a change of pace but do not wish to be stranded in a gale on Mainland Orkney as we were last February!


  1. January 21, 2016

    We are very envious of your bar billiard table. There used to be a table in one of our regular pubs when we lived in York, but we’ve not found anywhere to play for years.

    • January 26, 2016

      There used to be a table in the Tap & Spile in the Merrion Centre in Leeds. We got ours via eBay from a private home in Castle Douglas, when we were living up in Wanlockhead

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