I think the rain got in again

Nothing much to report here. The weekend was uneventful. Well, no, actually it was eventful. Mr L cooked me my breakfast on Saturday (croissants and frothy coffee) and Sunday (bacon rolls) and made my dinner on Sunday (Mongolian Beef). I’m not sure what I did to deserve such attention but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It just left me with not much to do and therefore little to talk about.

The weather is back to being awful. I have been reduced to balancing piles of pebbles and then taking photographs of the results for my Blips this week.


  • Our Broadband is crippled. The rest of the island seems to be okay so I think we may have water in the box up the road again.
  • I went to a meeting about mounting a knitting course
  • The pink shawl is making progress again. I cast on the border stitches this evening and am about to consult the 28 row border chart.

Um… that’s it. Really, nothing to report.

The Orkney Camera Club meet is tomorrow. I wonder how my images will have fared. Not well, I think – they really did not fit the brief.

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