Work progresses but slowly on the utility room. However, a Malaysian Beef Curry has been mantled by Mr L and I have prepared a tomato curry to go with it. There’s leftovers from Tuesday, so we have rice, naan, and bhajis to hand.


I still haven’t completed my Amazon order. So many decisions to take! Too much choice. Too many desires. Too little cash. I keep selecting items and then having second thoughts and deleting them, then going back and adding them in again and deleting something else. It’s too hard. I have fantasies about being an “and” person, rather than an “either/or one.” You know – it’s generally known as “rich.” For the time being I am marginally in the “and” class, but not on the grand scale 😉

Got to go stir my tomatoes..


  1. September 15, 2008

    I haven’t read your blog in ages – when did Mr L start eating meat again?!

  2. September 15, 2008

    Hello, Mac – good to see you. Mr L began to eat meat again about a year ago, I guess. Our diet was very flat and boring due to the lack of veggie alternatives and the poor quality and choice of available veg. He muttered something about not really being able to recall why he turned veggie and that it wasn’t particularly a matter of principle… so we tried the local product. He’s never looked back! The quality of the beef/pork/lamb is second to none. We don;t eat much, but we do eat some – as variation to the TVP etc.

    I was sorry to read about your recent loss…

  3. September 15, 2008

    Ah – perlmonger suffered a similar fate, while we were in New York, by “accidentally” (oh yeah?) eating my chicken in a chinese restaurant. He’s never looked back.

    Curiously, we now eat very little meat, but what we do eat is carefully chosen for its provenance.

    Thanks re Moo; wretched creatures – they steal your heart then bugger off … I miss her to bits.

  4. September 15, 2008

    We lost Lulu a few weeks ago – she went missing for a whole week and I was certain that we had lost her. We rearranged the set up in the house and the other two got used to the freedom of her half of the place… then she came home in the early hours demanding to be let in like she’d just been out for a quick hunt. Apart from being rather friendlier than usual, she acted like nothing was amiss at all!

    It wasn’t nice when we thought she had gone forever, though. She’s an arsey miserable little feline, but we do love her so – and she was our first. Besides, someone has to keep the boys in order – so we do need her too 🙂

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