Turbo charged

We spent a lazy day today. Mr L feels as though he has caught a bug while he was away and is a bit sweaty and leaden-limbed so we did very little. We shredded more paper and cardboard for a third lot of paper logs, played with the dogs, and showed our faces at the Farmers’ Market and looked around the Art Exhibition. We bought a jar of pickled eggs for £1 from N, and a soft toy sheep for 20p. We met S, who was thrilled with her purchase of an Icelandic fleece (with a  staple at least six miles long…) for just £4 (wish I had seen that first!) and also J, who was wearing a very fetching cashmere Morning Surf scarf 😉

We cracked the jar of eggs open for our tea – since when we have been perched by the fire. I have been knitting on some plain vanilla man socks and not enjoying the experience. All my nice needles are deployed elsewhere and I am knitting with aluminium 7″ DPNs with a nylon mix sock yarn. It’s kinda sticky, if you know what I mean. Anyway, it prompted me to look for some Addi circs on eBay and when they arrive I plan to experiment with the magic loop.

Not sure where the day went to, really.

Back to work routines tomorrow and neither of us is looking forward to that at all.