primrosethb I spotted my first spring primrose today on my way to the doctor’s surgery. This one was in a ditch near the Lady Kirk. I know that there are many in the kirkyard and would have liked to stop for a wander, but needed to get home and relieve Mr L of puppy-minding duties.

I also saw many lambs, but none of them would stay still for the camera.

I was a good girl and I went out on my bike instead of taking the car. Well worth it, on a fine spring morning, but it doesn’t half cut into one’s knitting time even if it does provide camera opportunities.

Yes. This post does intentionally obscure the fact that I have done no knitting or spinning. I rather thought that the pretty picture might draw attention away from this horrible fact…

… but it is spinning group day tomorrow, chez Woolgatherer, so maybe something will get done. Cake tomorrow may be orange drizzle cakes again. I have lots of oranges, but little time.

I should be making “Earth” ATCs today, but am suffering a bad case of can’t-be-bothered this week. Still feeling ridiculously tired. Suspect the blood tests will have something to reveal there. Ah, well.

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