Dragging my heels

Still no more sock done. I did cast on a lace scarf… several times, in fact. I don’t think it is going anywhere as a project. My plying is still only half done. I lack get up and go.

This week, I would like to get that Cheviot dyed. Really, I would. It has been hanging around my kitchen for far too long. I would like to do something PS3-ish with it. Greens and Browns, for Earth colours. Then knit a Gretel from it. But I have so much of Mr plumbum’s socks waiting to be done…

Generally speaking, I feel the need to play with paper rather than fibre right now, and also to be out and about with the Official Blog Puppy and my camera. I have Medical Matters to be dealt with in the next couple of weeks, so we’ll just hang loose and see how it goes, I think.

As I have to venture to mainland Orkney for a hospital appointment, we shall be taking time off and doing another shopping jaunt – and tack the whole thing on to the front end of the upcoming Bank Holiday.

Overall, I am not enjoying the disruption to my routine. I have not been able to settle for weeks now, and it looks like there is no let up for the next few weeks either – so it does appear that knitting and spinning will be suffering.

I have just cooked a very sinful dinner of roast pork, stuffing, gravy, roast potatoes, glazed carrots, and fennel  – with roasted plums and mascarpone for pudding. Now I have to walk it off – the tide is almost out, and Nell is straining at the metaphoric leash. Dr Who beckons after dog feeding and exercising has been done – so I guess there will be no knitting done today. Look at me – I only came to the office in search of glasses so that I could knit and here I am blogging about nothing, just to avoid the trauma.

It’s not good, is it?

And I still haven’t found my specs!