Yarny goodness (gracious me!)

The other day I mentioned that I had something to write about in that day’s mail. Finally I have time to do so.

I took part in a Swap-Bot swap recently – to swap a  Yarn Ball with two other players. The general idea is to  make a small ball of many lengths of assorted yarns, fibres, fabric strips, lace etc. See here.


The first yarn ball that arrived was amazing, and came complete with extra goodies like a bar of soap and some fibre clippings. The colours were all purples and jades and I loved it. This swap came from Dehbi

I unwound the ball to examine all the different goodness inside – here it is in a random heap.

Now, who would have though that this ball could have been bettered?


Well, here is yarn ball number two, from Shash. Cooler blues this time, with lots of ecru/grey/aqua. Both balls will go exceptionally well together.

But, hold on, this HUGE yarn ball was not all that I received.

The first thing that I saw when I opened my parcel was the lovely merino wool that I am presently knitting into Ambrosia socks.  Three skeins of DK sumptuousness! I was speechless.

merinothb merino2thb

My powers of speech continued to be eroded as I delved even further into my huge parcel…


More yarn! And just look at all that texture and cool blue-ness… but the parcel was not done with me yet!


I also found: a set of Pony wool needles, a CookieA knitting pattern, and a pair of the most wonderful glass buttons.

I love CookieA socks. In fact I have already stashed away several of her patterns – although I have only actually knit one pair (the Hedera) – fortunately not this particular one yet. This one is Flicker. Mingus is next on my list, and I will be using the Yarn Yard sock yarn in Rockpool for that, so Flickr is in the queue behind that now. Cookie’s socks are wonderfully engineered and very rewarding to knit. I am very keen to do an adapted Millicent – I love the foot styling, and a pair of the Gothic Spire socks too. I also have to confess to a yearning towards a pair of German Stocking as well!


Have a closer look at those buttons!

Not difficult to see why I was struck dumb by all this generosity, is it? I still don’t know quite what to say about it all.

The whole parcel was so thoughtfully colour-schemed and well put together in addition to being incredibly generous.

I am a  very fortunate woman, I say.

And, while we are catching up:

booksthb Some books that I didn’t blog about when they came my way recently. Two Elizabeth Zimmermans and a Yarn Harlot.

Knitters Almanac – for the Pi Shawl

Knitting Without Tears – for basic adaptable patterns

At Knit’s End – for the laughs


My current spinning… almost completed now, after spinning for an hour or two at the Farmers’ Market.

I hope to complete this at spinning group tomorrow – though I may leave it at home and cycle to the meeting if the weather holds up, in which case I’ll take the second Ambrosia sock with me.


Another try at capturing the subtlety of the “Peace” Yarn Yard lace merino yarn that I cast on the other day.

That’s me all caught up for now, I think.

I should probably note that I expect to use my yarn balls for freeform knitting, some time soon. Most likely under the guise of a PS3 “Water” project.

Isn’t this a fabulously colour coordinated post? 🙂