Spinning Day

Cycled to spinning group and took my knitting, calling off at the post office on my way to post my swap off. I had lots of time so took a detour and walked down to the jetty at Black Rock, to take some photographs.

I had several goes at starting my second Ambrosia sock but finally got it under way and have completed the toe. Now it is time to get the cable needle out again. Frankly, not much to show for a morning’s work, but there was cake to be addressed! Cake was exceptionally fine today – a Sephardic orange and almond cake, which has ground almonds and oranges in it. Yummy.

We helped F with a ewe that was having difficulties and got to see a fresh born lamb.

I took more photos on the way home. Struggled with the bike today – I hadn’t realised how weak my thigh muscles have become again – and it took me an unwarranted 45 minutes to cycle home. I sneezed and snorted and wheezed all the way – dandelions are one of the few things that bring on my hayfever/asthma, and there are many many dandelions around at present.

Not many of today’s photos will see the light of day – a pretty rubbishy set at first glance.

I’d like to spin with what remains of my afternoon – make up for not spinning this morning.