Yarn arrival

The yarn for Bloke Sweater #2 has arrived in today’s post. I shan’t photograph it at this stage – it’s coned and it’s grey, what’s to see? We shall try to skein it and wash it over the weekend. I shall have the Eucalan out anyway as I managed to get Bloke Sweater #1 off the bloke’s back last night and into the wash basket. Score!

Perhaps I’ll get a shawl blocked while the suds are out.

I have decided to take a rational step backward from the Girasole. It’s only half done, despite constant work on it for the most of this week. What is the sense is plugging away at it to finish it as quickly as possible? It is consuming my life – nothing else is getting done and it is hurting my shoulder beyond belief. So, today, a rest.

I’m going to bottom the kitchen and clean the sink, ready for yarn-washing procedures. Then I’ll spend some time tidying up my work room, and maybe do a little spinning. Spinning Group is here on Wednesday, so I’ll do a little more tidying up in readiness, and evaluate the baking cupboard stock levels before we go shopping today.

That’s it then. This weekend is mostly about resting my arm and getting a sense of proportion. The resting the arm bit means leaving the keyboard alone as well, so things will be quiet around here until the beginning of next week.

Have a lovely weekend. I’ll be the one trying to brush a dog’s bottom…