Nothing to report

There is little of interest happening in these parts. The holiday weekend disappeared in a haze of grass cutting and weeding, dog clipping[1], and general lolling about in the sunshine. Dogs were walked, knitting was effected. Food was enjoyed. Time passed agreeably.

The sun is now sufficiently strong for us to be out and about in a t-shirt, and also to bring on my UV reaction. I have spent much of this week in scratching in a most unattractive manner.

Monday turned out to be Tuesday in fact, and I am still trying to get my week back into sync. Tuesday brought with it the news that Mr L must venture forth to his office for a week. Most of his time since then has been spent in coordinating timetables and room bookings. It is not an easy or straightforward task.

Of course his trip Sooth conflicts with my need to go and get my boobs squished, and also with the launch party for the Oral History book. I will not be able to go to town on the ferry for my appointment, as the day is far too long for leaving the dogs shut up. SpinningGill has offered to attend to the hounds but I fear Suzie might just go for the defensive manouevre… I could fly across for the day, or I could reschedule. I’m weighing up the three options. Now I need an option for the CD/Book launch that permits me to have more than a single glass of wine 🙂

Yesterday was Spinning day and we were at Crudy. I could have cycled but I chose to drive and take my wheel and spin. And spin, I did. For at least an hour before my hand complained. The singles are looking lovely and I am eager to ply now – but knitting consumes most of my spare time. I am become a knitting fiend.

What is consuming me? The Girasole, of course! I do love it so. Surprisingly it is not a challenging knit. It’s a straight forward plod in fact, but perhaps it is the simplicity that makes it such a beautiful object. I am in love with the yarn again now that I have the Addi Lace needles. Can’t wait to see how it washes up (I am using oiled coned yarn) because at present it suggests that it will be light, soft, fluffy and will drape most elegantly.

Charts A, B, C and D are completed. I am into the first of three repeats of Chart E now, with 640 stitches on the needle and no further increases to do. According to my Handy Dandy Geek Girl Spreadsheet[TM] I am half way there on the rounds. Factoring in the knitted-on edging, I am about 40% done (but to be honest I am not sure I have the maths of it right at all.) The project now forms its own bag – very handy!

Is it a Shawl? Is it a Bag?
Is it a Shawl? Is it a Bag?

I confess that I am inclined to simply bash away at the Girasole and try for an FO this month – but I have promised to start Bloke Sweater #2 as soon as the book and the yarn get here.

(Aha! Now that was a cue if I ever I saw one. Postie just arrived with the books that I purchased from the Knitting and Crochet Guild[2]. I have the pattern. Still no yarn, so I think I shall go email to see what is happening there.)

I think that’s it. See? I told you there was nothing much happening in these ‘ere parts. And now I shall go start a sausage and cider casserole and flick through my new books. And maybe, just maybe, add a round or two to the Girasole as well.

Girasole WIP 2: coming along nicely
Girasole WIP 2: coming along nicely

[1] do not underestimate the scale of this task, to which we addressed significant portions of 3 days thus far, and there is still work to be done. Only 1 dog. Just Griff, our woolly mammoth.

[2] Who also, most cruelly, sent me flyers for Woolfest and a workshop in Leeds on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s techniques with Tricia Holman. *sigh* The down side of running away to live in the wilds is being both too far away and too impoverished to be able to go to such events.