Woke up this morning, feelin’ fine…

Oh, how I wish I could singalongapeternoone

Alas, I can not. I am not feelin’ fine at all.

It was a wretched night with little sleep, due entirely to heavy rain being wind-lashed against the bedroom window. Talk about Biblical! I was very concerned for the chooks. They must be glad that they are housed in an Ark.

So, no. Not feeling fine. However, I do believe that I must be feeling much better. I woke this morning with the idea that I wanted to do some drum carding. You have to admit, that is a huge step forward from sitting around doing absolutely nothing and not even caring much that I am being idle.

I lay in bed for a while, unwilling to test my back out, with ideas for  colour blends and images of fluffy batts floating through my mind…

Well, now I am up and I have confirmed that there is no way that I shall be making batts today.

Back to the Serenity Sock, then.

Don’t get the idea that I am being too gloomy or pessimistic about progress. My head is clear now, no longer constantly befuddled by pain. I am aware that most of my present discomfort comes from having been carrying myself awkwardly all week. I have aches and pains where there were none before but they don’t even come close to the initial pain when my back went on Saturday; I mean… I can breathe now. I am just impatient to be properly better and wanting to progress to the stage where I no longer have to guard every movement in case I go PING! again. Hopefully that will come by the weekend.

At least I can knit for reasonable periods of time. The sock that I am making for the Sanday Spinners sock series is making progress and I shall shortly be separating out the heel flap. I am surprisingly taken with this venture and perfectly happy to knit on my sock to the exclusion of other projects. I do however have commissions queued up. As soon as I can move my body in a manner that allows for needle-hunting, I’ll get right on with those. For now, I am happy if I can get my handspun sock moving towards the foot.

I have run out of knickers! (file under: “stuff I really did not want to know”) and had to tackle the laundry this morning. That was an interesting experience. Must train Nell to be more useful around the house. I believe there are helping hands dogs out there who will fill the front loader for you on command – but can they sort whites from colours, that’s what I want to know. Right now I could do with a dog that can cook. I am rapidly running out of ideas for meals that do not involve standing at the cooker. I may be reduced to slinging some thawed prawns into a jar of curry sauce, and accompanying it with chips. It’s only the thought of bending to get the oven chips in and out of the oven that is stopping me…

French Onion Soup, maybe? That benefits from very little stirring.

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