Winter Shawl Progress: 10/09 A slow alternative

I promised a post about my backup shawl for the current KAL – here it is.  This is my version of A Handsome Triangle, from Victorian Lace Today. The pattern is written for Double-Knitting weight yarn and I am using a coned DK Merino from Colourmart.  The intention is to make a serviceable everyday winter wrap for use in the house.


Lack of inspiration leads to me naming this project Winter Shawl.

It’s big yarn, and big needles – 6 mm- but isn’t making the fast progress that I might have expected. I’m using circular needles, which I find slow and difficult. Also the yarn is multiple strands, and tends to split easily. The knitting requires attention.

the usual amorphous lump
the usual amorphous lump

Although the pattern looks rather plain, I suppose it’s classed as true lace as there are paired yarnovers and decreases on both sides.


  • Days: 6
  • Repeats: not sure how I’m going to express this yet
  • Rows knitted: 64
  • Rows left: 148 (as written)
  • Stitches on needle: 132
  • Stitches knitted so far: 4,476
  • Completion: 10%
  • Lifelines: none

The shawl looks like nothing on earth at the moment but a washed swatch shows evidence that great improvement might be expected on completion.

washed swatch
washed swatch