Wasting time

Today was penciled in for catching up on FOs. This would have included some washing and blocking, and a quantity of photography. Unfortunately, this idiot elected to install a new blog template this morning and the day has passed in a haze of tidying up and ensuring full functioning of the blog. I think I have failed in the latter. If you have difficulties, please let me know.

I documented Quincy today – there are several projects to catch up on, and I shall try again next week. I’ve simplified the format of the FO posts, in an attempt to speed up their production.

Still to come:

  • Twisted Socks
  • Coquille Shawl
  • Echo Flower Shawl
  • Very Terhi Mitts

Permalinks seem to be broken. I have no idea why. This probably means that most links within the blog are broken until I can figure the problem out. Hopefully  the Search facility will take care of any navigational issues in the interim. My apologies for any inconvenience.


  1. September 18, 2010

    I thought you had been quiet of late.
    The rss url had changed.
    Now I know why.

    • September 18, 2010

      Hello, nevilley.

      Steve is away all next week, so I hope to find some spare time to investigate this problem. At the moment I have No Clue. No suggestions have been put forth, and exploration of WP Support has yielded no answers.

      It is a Bit of a Bugger.

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