FO: Quincy

An unusual chunky weight hat in a Moebius design. Quickly made and ideal for last minute gifts.

Pattern: Quincy by Jared Flood $4.75

Yarn: Zitron Gobi in #10 Blue/Grey, from

Notes: Unusual construction includes integral i-cord edgings and a Moebius twist. Grafting skills required. Cost £6.60 for two 50g balls of Gobi, with about half a ball remaining.

Ravelry Project: Quincy

A very enjoyable knit, this hat took approximately three hours to complete. The original calls for Classic Elite Yarns Ariosa but the Gobi made a very good substitute. It is a luxury yarn with very little weight for its bulk and the hat came in at something like 75g (scales still not working!)

A simple garter stitch strip is knitted with a 3 stitch icord edging at each side. A half twist is added before grafting the ends together. Then the crown stitches are picked up and the crown worked over just a few rows.

Simple, fun, fast and very rewarding. I shall make more Quincy hats in the future.