Ups and Downs

Yesterday was a frustrating kind of a day. I am feeling like I have at least one limb missing, without a decent Internet connection. It is also very difficult to adjust and remember to turn off my data connection when not required. .. and back on again when I need it. However every morsel of bandwidth must be saved.

I busied myself with some rationalising of kitchen equipment. I have four plastic crates:

1 – Dispose of; charity shop or reuse centre

2 – Dispose of by sale

3 – To take away in the RV

4 – Keep in the interim until we sell the house

There is an additional box for “junk it!”

The kitchen has not looked this tidy in many a long year.

We resolved our Internet connectivity issues by mounting the mobile signal booster outside the office window. It worked well but obviously we have challenges if it should rain. Unfortunately it is very windy today, with gale force winds expected shortly and we may have to bring the booster in before it takes a trip to North Ronaldsay. Actually, it would be quite a relief as it’s quite chilly and breezy in the office today and the wind noise levels are high.

Mr L’s new laptop arrived yesterday but it turned out that he inadvertently bought the wrong screen resolution. He can only list 8 lines of code, which is clearly not a good situation and so it must go back to be replaced by the proper model. I am trying to sell this one locally but as yet nobody is recognising what a great deal it is (it’s a refurbished machine at £240) so it looks like we shall have to trek to the Post Office with it.

We had a phone call this morning. It came in on Mr L’s mobile phone. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to answer it and missed the call. There ensued a period of experimentation with us calling each other to see what’s what.

I had left my phone dozing overnight. Unfortunately it began to vibrate at 03:10 hrs. Clearly I have missed a setting. I shall need to sort that out today. I require a situation whereby the phone does not intrude. I want to be able to make a call as and when I have a need to (i.e. in dire emergency) but I do not wish to be intruded upon. So, I am attempting to turn off all tones and vibrations. I also need to find a way of telling Tesco to stop sending me text messages.

In Knitting News: I had intended to make some headway on Mr L’s sweater sleeve yesterday but it was not to be. Hopefully I can clear a space in my day today and get to grips with it. Now that Warriston is finished I really feel obliged to provide the man in my life with some means of warmth. Kitchen and Utility room clearance will continue too.

Later: No knitting headway made but had an enjoyable afternoon and evening listening to some old vinyl albums. We were supposed to be checking audio equipment ready for sale but got carried away. We have worked our way through Pink Floyd, OMD, The Monkees and now The Pogues.  An eclectic mix…

I had something of a genius moment this afternoon when I suggested that the problem with the Internet signal might be our super duper new windows. I suggested moving the booster aerial to one of the windows that have not been replaced. It worked a treat – no fear of the thing blowing away or getting wet. It’s mounted in the old train room next door and the signal in here is loud and clear.

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