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It was a bit of a red letter day today – I finally sewed up my Warriston sweater. I have washed it and it is now laid out to dry. There’s a fair chance (If I haven’t managed to shrink it from the outset) that I shall be wearing my sweater when I walk out in Dalbeattie forest in October. Go, me.

There is little else to report. Our hoped-for trip in the RV this week may not happen, there’s a gale in the offing. We shall keep an eye on the forecast and see if it moderates the wind forecast or changes significantly in any way. Otherwise it looks like being a quick dash over with the dog and a visit to the bank before coming home again. It is likely that Mr L will go and leave me behind. The price of tickets has concentrated our minds a little since our book of discount tickets ran out.

Our connection to the Internet remains iffy. At times it goes like the proverbial rocket and this morning I was getting 7.77 Mbps but at others it runs so slowly that our PCs report that we have no Internet at all, although the Wi-fi is in fact connected. Right now I cannot connect to any sites at all with my browser and so I am writing this up in Word again, in the hope of uploading a copy and paste job later.

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Stuff that kept us busy for a while

Stuff that kept us busy for a while

There were other constructions but they don’t appear to have made it onto my camera card so are not currently available f or inclusion. Together with the daily dog walk (health permitting) and a deal of sun bathing, it all helped to pass the time and our 8 weeks were up almost before they seemed to have started. The Date Night thing was excellent. It helped to pass the time in planning, prepping and cooking.Continue readingStuff that kept us busy for a while

Where was I?

Where was I?

Now, where was I? I was saying (a long time ago) that I couldn’t get automatic posting from Instagram to work. I notice that in my absence the applet suddenly began to play nicely (1, 2, 3)! It needs some fine tuning I think. And wherever have I been and where are my Lockdown updates? It went roughly like this: After six weeks of Lockdown, on the 27th of April, I was suddenly catapulted intoContinue readingWhere was I?

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